Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation - Overview

Larvela needs to implement a full email automation system for purchases, abandonment's and so forth.

Many Marketing Automation ideas from the major packages are currently present and while not complete, the list below is being activley worked on.

The following ideas have been implemented or researched for inclusion with the folowing broad areas to be covered:

Welcome Program

Status: Welcome email template built, Job created and active. * Welcome newly registered customer (also have welcome for newly subscribed customer). Kick off the "Welcome" Job which is the place to dispatch other jobs. * Send "Welcome" email - built with store header, welcome html text block and store footer. * Dispatch more jobs as needed.

Transactional Programs

Status: BEING DEVELOPED - DESIGN STAGE Status: Order Paid Job implemented, email sends, need template improvements to show order details. * Order Paid Email for COD and EFT payments - Job OrderPaid * Order Dispatched * Order Pending * Payment and delivery details Status: NOT IMPLEMENTED YET * Customer service information * Social Media Introduction * Newsletter signup encouragement

Price Drop Email Program

Status: Research and look at implementation Need to send an email when a product has a price reduction.

Post Purchase Program

Status: PARTIALLY IMPLEMENTED * Followup email confirming that customer is happy. - Add a rating scale on product suitability (1-10) link to order table???? * Followup emails on product offers. Post Purchase Job created, need template done and then a CRON job to kick it off 7 days later.

Cart Abandonment Program

CRON run once a day to send templated emails when: * Cart abandoned after 24 hours (triggers on previous day only). DONE * Cart abandoned after 7 days (triggers on day 7 only). NOT WORKING YET === 1 Day after === Status: CRON implemented and Job coded (AbandonedCart.php) Template Action: CART_ABANDONED Status: Coded and Automated Job setup and running! System to send an email when cart is abandoned after 24 hours. User must be Registered and Logged in to add to cart - so cart ID is tied to an email :) Copy sent to store owner. === 7 Day Alert email === Status: CRON implemented and Job coded (AbandonedWeekOldCart.php) Template Action: CART_7DAY_ABANDONED CRON Job blade checks for cart date 7 days old and sends an email to the customer. Also sends an email to the store admin. Reference Article: * * == Abandoned browsing Programs == Need to research this, google analytics implemented and data flowing but no relationship to customer yet. == Customer Retention Programs == * Need to review purchase history and set some automation to entice them back... see Campaign Engine. == Product Replenishment Programs == Status: CAPTURE IMPLEMENTED, need to implement code when product QTY is updated. * Email capture implemented on product page when no stock is available * Database table filled with email and product mapping * Need to === Email Out of stock Notifications === Status: Done - emails admin and store sales email that a product is now out of stock.

Product Replenishment

An Email is send to customers when a product is back in stock.

Status: IMPLEMENTED and working

Possible Modifications:


About Larvela

Larvela is a Laravel 5 web application providing a fast and simple eCommerce framework and natively supports the Bootstrap Responsive UI framework. It was developed to replace aging Magento stores that had become to complicated and expensive to upgrade or maintain.

Larvela provides a host of feature you find in high end enterprise stores while still providing all the basic functions needed to enable your customers to view products and make purchases.

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