Product Types in Larvela

Product Types in Larvela

Larvela currently has 4 type of products defined, they are:

  1. Basic Product
  2. Parent Product
  3. Virtual Product - Unlimited
  4. Virtual Product - Limited

Basic Product

A Basic Product is a physical product that a customer can buy and which you ship to them. A book is a perfect example of a physical product.

Parent Product

A Parent Product is a container product for a collection of basic products grouped by a common attribute such as colour. So I might have a Parent Product called "socks", and it might group red socks, white socks, black socks. The common attribute is colour.

With a Parent product you define the common SKU and the cart adds the attributes to the end to find the basic products that are associated. Size is also a valid attribute, so you can have small, medium and large items.

Virtual Product - Unlimited

An "Unlimited" Virtual Product is a product you sell that is not physically shipped but is downloadable in some form and does not have a quantity value that decreases. An eBook is a perfect example of a virtual product that a user can download as a PDF and it can remain in stock forever.

In the case of an unlimited Virtual Product the quantity field for the product listing increments with every sale.

Virtual Product - Limited

A "Limited" Virtual Product is a product you sell that is not physically shipped but is downloadable in some form but you can only sell a fixed number of them before the product is "Sold Out".
A ticket to an event where only 250 people can physically attend the venue is an example of a "limited" virtual product. The product could be a special downloadable item or it could be a ticket with a serial number that is generated by a custom module.


At present support for Virtual products is being developed and will be released shortly.

Future Product Types

More product types are planned for Larvela, examples include:

About Larvela

Larvela is a Laravel 5 web application providing a fast and simple eCommerce framework and natively supports the Bootstrap Responsive UI framework. It was developed to replace aging Magento stores that had become to complicated and expensive to upgrade or maintain.

Larvela provides a host of feature you find in high end enterprise stores while still providing all the basic functions needed to enable your customers to view products and make purchases.

Larvela is currently in Beta release and is being used in production systems daily.


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