Knowledge Base Articles

KB Number Description Date Released
2017-0001 Larvela Supported Framework Versions 26-09-2018
2017-0002 Installation Instructions - via CLI 16-12-2018
2017-0003 Product Types in Larvela 08-03-2018
2017-0004 Vhost Variables for Multiple Store Support 02-11-2017
2018-0001 Marketing Automation 25-07-2018
2018-0002 Script to create a DB and update the .env file 26-08-2018

About Larvela

Larvela is a Laravel 5 web application providing a fast and simple eCommerce framework and natively supports the Bootstrap Responsive UI framework. It was developed to replace aging Magento stores that had become to complicated and expensive to upgrade or maintain.

Larvela provides a host of feature you find in high end enterprise stores while still providing all the basic functions needed to enable your customers to view products and make purchases.

Larvela is currently in Beta release and is being used in production systems daily.


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